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Math and Science in PE class? Oh My!

Math and Science in PE class?  Oh My!

Some of the 7th graders were recently immersed in a cross curricular mini unit about their heart rate.  The students have been learning how to find the “percent of change” in math.  So, in PE class they first found their resting heart rate,  then they continued the lesson in physical education class by doing different exercises and finding their new elevated heart rate.  After that they applied their math skills to calculate the percent of change in their raised heart rate.  They also discuss their target heart rate zone and why knowing all of this information is valuable to their health.  Later in the day they continued the lesson in science class.  They focused on how we have new technologies that can do all of these calculations for us.  They pretended they were  biomedical engineers and did some computer programming.  They programmed a circuit board to read their pulse and display it on a graph.  They compared the technologically computed data to the manual data they calculated in the morning and discovered the best code that achieved the most accurate results.  It was an active fun day had by all who participated!  

Thank you to Mrs. Ligas, Mrs. Russ, Mr. Rodney, Mrs. Walsh, and all of the other teachers that had a part in making this fun activity possible!

Teacher take her pulse to show student

Teachers teaching students how to take their pulse

Science teacher working with student during PE class.

PE teacher participate in the Ardiuno programming activity

Student taking pulse with the ardiuno module after coding

Teacher showing student how to take pulse

Student launching the ardiuno IDE

class working on coding ardiuno modules

student take pulse with Arduino playground express module

student taking pulse and verify result