Our Mission. Vision, an Goals

Our school is truly a community where people offer strength and support to each other.  Union Ridge is a good place to learn, to work, to be.


We educate students, foster excellence, and inspire lifelong learning in order to develop engaged and responsible citizens of the world.


Educating students
Fostering excellence
Inspiring lifelong learning


Student-focused vision

The Union Ridge School community focuses on the Whole Child and inspires each learner for life success so they can support their strengths as:

  • Creative and critical thinkers
  • Respectful and inclusive team members
  • Ethical and engaged global citizens
  • Reflective and principled leaders who act with integrity

Vision Description: What will it look like?

Creative and critical thinker

  • Approaches challenges as growth opportunities
  • Investigates key questions utilizing research skills
  • Demonstrates flexibility
  • Analyzes data and synthesizes for key themes
  • Evaluates ideas based on evidence

Respectful and inclusive team member

  • Collaborates to achieve team goals
  • Accepts and gives feedback
  • Demonstrates active listening
  • Encourages the participation of others
  • Engages in dialogue to resolve conflict

Ethical and engaged global citizen

  • Embraces the unique perspectives of others
  • Exhibits integrity, honesty, empathy, fairness, and respect
  • Demonstrates civic, social, global, and digital responsibility
  • Shows initiative and resourcefulness

Reflective and principled leaders

  • Embraces continuous improvement for self and community
  • Regards the interests and skills of others and builds on those contributions
  • Takes responsibility for initiating improvement by taking action

District-focused vision

The Union Ridge School community will ensure that each and every student will:

  • Participate in a welcoming and engaging learning environment
  • Be supported and challenged to grow academically, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Learn how to persevere to solve complex problems and innovate for future challenges.
  • Be empowered to be agents of change for their own learning and the well-being of others.
  • Develop a strong sense of self in a safe and inclusive environment that values diversity and ensures equitable experiences.

Core Values

Collaboration and partnership
We build shared ownership across teams through communication and trust.
Hard work and determination
We expect everyone to do their best, take responsibility, and be accountable for their choices.
Diversity and equity
We value and actively seek the perspectives and contributions of our past, current and future communities.
Respect for self and others
We foster a culture that prioritizes the dignity of the child, integrity, character, and emotional growth and well-being
Innovation and creativity
We continually challenge ourselves to be forward-thinking while solving problems and leveraging opportunities.

Goals and Strategies

Goal #1 

Student Growth and Achievement: Empower students to achieve their personal best. 


  • Ensure consistent implementation of curriculum, assessment, and impactful teaching strategies across classrooms 
  • Implement strong data practices across grade levels to ensure both challenge and support for students. 

Goal #2 

Learning Environment and Culture: Cultivate a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment that is responsive to the evolving needs of each student. 


  • Implement social emotional learning-supportive practices across classrooms and integrate with content areas. 
  • Foster high levels of student engagement and build student agency for their learning across classrooms. 
  • Further develop extracurricular and co-curricular experiences to extend classroom learning. 

Goal #3

High-Quality Staff: Attract individuals who possess a positive attitude, problem-solving skills, and child-centered qualities. 


  • Build strong staff collaboration practices and shared decision-making processes. 
  • Ensure a personalized approach to professional learning and mentoring for all staff. 

Goal #4

Family and Community Partnerships: Build a strong support system by engaging families and partnering with the greater community to meet the needs of all students.


  • Expand two-way family and community partnerships to increase and deepen supportive networks for children.
  • Offer events, classes, and workshops to families to increase involvement in student learning opportunities.  

Goal #5

Responsible Management of Resources: Develop and sustain effective, efficient, and equitable use of all resources to optimize operations for improved student achievement and fiscal responsibility.


  • Manage resources responsibly while ensuring a safe and engaging learning environment.  
  • Increase facility efficiencies.
  • Maintain awareness of school funding legislation and other legal obligations to ensure compliance and district success.

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