Homework, Behavior System, and Routines


Grade Scale


Homework assignments will be recorded daily in your child’s Assignment Pad.  Homework will be due the following school day unless it’s a special project.  A parent signature is required every day to help develop your child’s responsibility. 

Any assignments that have, "Fix and return," must be turned in within 7 days to qualify for a better grade.

Friday Folder


Every Friday, your child will be bringing home a purple Friday Folder. Inside, there is a parent sheet for you to write the date, any comments, and a place for a parent signature. Additionally there will be your child's graded work and letters from the office. Please sit with your child and go through the folder together. After emptying the contents of this folder, please sign the attached sheet and return with your child the following school day. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If there are any assignments with 76% or below, we expect students to correct the work over the weekend (writing the new answer in PEN over/ next to/ below the original, incorrect penciled work), returning the work with parent/guardian signature and date for an increase in score, the first day back after the weekend. 



In case of an absence, please notify Miss Grazioso and the office with the day, time, and reason for your child’s absence by either a phone call, e-mail or a note. Classwork and homework during their absence should be completed in the same amount of time of their absence.

Ex: 2 absent days = 2 days to turn in assignments

Classroom Expectations


All students are expected to display the Husky Traits:

teamwork, determinationloyaltybe strong, and work hard

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be Responsible: coming to school prepared and on time, complete homework by due date, follow directions, and stay on task
  2. Be Respectful: listen while others are speaking, raise hand before speaking, respect others and their property
  3. Be Safe: keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


Each day your child will have the opportunity to receive raffle tickets for good behavior, making the right choice, being extra helpful, and/or following directions. There is no set amount of tickets that your child may receive in one day and everyday is different. Students put their raffle tickets they receive into my minion bank with their name on it. During Fun Friday, I will pick at least five raffle ticket winners out of the minion bank. Student winners then choose a prize of their choice from my prize bin.

 classroom's stoplight

This is our classroom's Stoplight 

GREEN: Every student in the class starts with their name on green every morning. Each day it is your child's goal to keep their name on green by following our class and school expectations. 

YELLOW: If your child makes a poor choice, your child's name will be moved to yellow. This is a warning for your child to slow down and think about their actions. If your child earns 3 yellows in a week, they may not participate in Fun Friday and will write a reflection during Friday Friday. Their reflection includes why they could not participate in Fun Friday and what chioces they will make to change their behavior in the following week.

YELLOW HOMEWORK: It is your child's responsibility to write down all assignments in their assignment pad. It is your child's responsbility to show parents their assignment pad and get it signed each night. IN addition, all assignments must be completed to the best of your child's ability. If your child does not come prepared to school with their homework or without a parent signature, their name will be moved to yellow homework.

RED: If your child continues to go against our classroom expectations, his or her name will be moved to red. You will be notified with a note in your child's Assignment Pad, an email, or a phone call if this happens. 

The purpose of the classroom Stoplight is to help your child follow class and school expectations. They will be rewarded for good behavior by receiving tickets and Fun Friday.  This system also keeps your child accountable because each student has their own stick person that they move on the Stoplight. 

Effective 2nd Trimester: 

Fun Friday Reflection Sheet                                                               

    Fun Friday



As part of an incentive for your child to stay on green throughout the week and turn in homework, there is  FUN FRIDAY!

FUN FRIDAY takes place on Friday afternoons for 30 minutes. During this time, your child is able to choose classroom games to play with friends. They may choose games such as lincoln logs, puzzles, drawing, Just Dance on the promethean board, board games, and so forth. Students who stay on green all week or are on yellow/yellow homework no more than two times are welcome to participate. Students who are on yellow three times or red twice are not asked to participate. Instead they will be spending their time writing a letter home explaining why they are unable to participate that week.

Every Monday, students start with a fresh start for a new chance to participate in FUN FRIDAY!

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