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     Welcome to Second Grade!                                                                      

                            Johnny Appleseed Day 2014

Welcome to Second grade!  My name is Mrs. Rudel and I will be your child’s second grade teacher this year!  We have an exciting year ahead that will be filled with lots to explore, experience, and learn!  I hope to be a guide and mentor to your child this year as they embark on a learning journey filled with excitement, challenges, and many learning opportunities.


                                   Friends Forever 2016

Here you will find a place where you can take a peek at our curriculum, find out what is happening in our classroom for the week, follow links to school calendars, find helpful links where both you and your child can gain support for what is being learned in class, and see our latest classroom announcements.  I hope you will find this to be a helpful resource throughout the year.  I am looking forward to a fabulous learning journey in first grade with each of you and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

                     Good, better, BEST!!!

                                        Go Cubs, GO!!!!



Below is a special message from our supportive Administrators. You will also get a peak inside our classroom while our young scholars are making all those valuable connections!


              OPEN HOUSE 2017








            Autumn 2017